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About Us

Our entry to the SPP sector starter with the company Metanet in 2008. In between 2008 -2012 we
were carrying out the designing of SPP and investment analysis for micro and medium projects. Since
2012 our company is working at the onset living market mode with it's regulations in the frames of
EPC/ contract. We became United Solar in 2012 restructing the essential goal for sustainability in
engineering, design and development of qualified projects in productivity-oriented sector.
We are carrying on studying the roof-top removal project that gave life to the first company and we
understand that we need to continue the development of our company to try to carry one step
further than Turkey.

Due to geographical beneficial location of Turkey we have got excellent perspective to develop
renewable energy resources including well known solar energy. The development is really moving so
Turkish government aims to make the investment into Solar energy development untill 2020 as the
surface of Turkey is the most perspective area for installation of Solar Systems.
The profit that can be received from solar energy as a main source motivates to invest in Turkey. To
compare Turkey with Europe and Asia we can notice the highest approach to the sunlight.
To be a profitable investment tool:
First and the most important priority of a system is to produce electricity from solar energy. "A high
level of overall system efficiency" feature should be expected to provide it is essential sustainability
and productivity.
"High-level" concept of efficiency is expressed as widely accepted in the international scientific
community. It has a platform and a clear recognition measure.
Sustainability for High Efficiency: United Solar
Three main component of a plant that produces electricity from solar energy:

PV panels;
Components of mechanical installation;

Infrastructure of electricity;
The way it is expresses:
Setting up and operating of such a facility has to be taken into consideration;
When the first step was done the customer can be far beyond from the business.
Installation and operation of the business requires extremely deep scientific knowledge and
engineering experience.
The electricity production from solar energy may serve for many years that's why the academic
researchers and good strategy are important as they may prolong the number of years for
exploitation of Solar panels. at 2012 the United Solar team has gathered under one roof to promote
the benefit of the solar energy at the market.
In this context, United Solar:

  • • Conducts the work in a scientific level;
  • • Has high engineering capacity;
  • • None of the way R & D projects to develop and execute;
  • • Founder realizes its own production system containing the installed capacity;
  • • Total system focuses on efficiency;
  • • It works for the sustainability of productivity;
  • • The owner is qualified in the know-how field;
  • • The Turnkey (EPC) installation of facilities;
  • • Continuously monitors their progress in science agenda to keep the knowledge and experience;
  • • Employs the qualified engineers;
  • • United Solar services are specific for entrepreneurs across Turkey who invest in this area;
  • • We provide the customer with information and raise the level of awareness before the investment will be made;
  • • To operate all essential investment, transfers of know-how and training have to be done;
  • • The systems are established to perform high efficiency for years and sustainable productivity;


To maintain high efficiency of SPP in the solar energy market according to international standards

and become number one in supply providing quality.


To install and operate 200 MWp SPP until 2020 in Turkey.


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